how many jobs are available in home furnishings

How Many Jobs are Available in Home Furnishings?

Welcome to an exploration into the heart of the home furnishings industry, an arena teeming with job opportunities. We’ll be taking a journey, uncovering the diverse roles in this vibrant field, and answering the question: “How many jobs are available in home furnishings?”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 800,000 jobs available in home furnishings, in the United States.

From the design sketches to the showroom floor, this industry is a dynamic ecosystem. It’s a place where creativity, business acumen, and passion for home decor come together. So, buckle up as we delve into the multifaceted world of home furnishings and the career paths it has to offer!

What are Home Furnishings?

Home furnishings, you ask? Well, think of them as the icing on the cake that is your home. They’re the essential elements that breathe life into our living spaces. Picture this: Furniture, like sofas and tables, serving as the mainstay in rooms. Textiles, such as curtains and carpets, adding layers of warmth and comfort. Lighting fixtures creating mood and ambiance.

Then there are the decorative accessories, from vases to picture frames, sprinkling bits of our personality throughout the house. Essentially, home furnishings are a reflection of us, enhancing our homes to be more than just buildings, but personalized, cozy spaces.

how many jobs are available in home furnishings

How Big is the Home Furnishing Industry?

Looking at the size of the home furnishing industry? Well, it’s no small player, that’s for sure. Imagine this. Globally, this industry spins a giant web, encompassing a vast range of products and services. It’s like an enormous bazaar bustling with furniture makers, textile weavers, lighting manufacturers, and interior designers. The numbers are equally impressive. In 2020, the global market value sat comfortably around $740 billion.

how big is the home furnishing industry

Even more exciting? Experts predict it to soar beyond $1 trillion by 2025. And let’s not forget the US, a leading player with a market size surpassing $300 billion in 2021. So, in a nutshell, the home furnishing industry is a titan, growing and offering a plethora of opportunities. It’s truly a behemoth of an industry!

Is Home Furnishings a Good Career Path?

Thinking about a career in home furnishings? Great choice! Here’s why. It’s an industry that’s as diverse as the colors in a paint palette. From design and sales to manufacturing and marketing, there’s a role for almost every skill set. But that’s not all. It’s a field where your creativity can truly shine. Imagine helping someone transform their living room into a cozy retreat. Or designing a piece of furniture that’s both stylish and functional.

is home furnishings a good career path

Plus, as the industry grows, so do the opportunities for career advancement. And, let’s not forget the satisfaction that comes from making homes more beautiful and livable. So, is home furnishings a good career path? It certainly has a lot to offer!

Best Paying Jobs in Home Furnishings

Looking for the best paying jobs in the home furnishings industry? You’re in luck! Let’s delve into some of the lucrative roles.

Interior Designer

In the world of home furnishings, interior designers are like the master chefs. They mix and match furniture, textiles, lighting, and accessories, crafting stunning spaces that reflect a client’s taste. Creativity, an eye for detail, and an understanding of color and materials are key. And the payoff? On average, an interior designer earns about $56,040 per year.

interior designer

Furniture Designer

These are the visionaries who dream up the sofas, tables, and chairs that adorn our homes. Furniture designers blend aesthetics, functionality, and materials to create pieces that are not only practical but also visually appealing. It’s a job for those with a flair for design and a deep understanding of manufacturing processes. The average salary? Around $65,170 per year.

Product Development Manager

In this role, you’re the captain of the ship. Product development managers oversee the creation of new products in the home furnishings industry, from the initial concept to final production. They work with designers, engineers, and manufacturers, ensuring that the end product hits the mark in terms of quality, aesthetics, and function. The reward for such a critical role? An impressive average annual salary of around $123,880.

product development manager

Showroom Manager

As a showroom manager, you’re the maestro conducting the orchestra. You manage staff, keep inventory in check, and curate visually enticing displays that draw customers in. It’s a job that requires a blend of creativity, organizational skills, and a knack for sales. The average annual income for a showroom manager is about $53,775.

Marketing Manager

In the home furnishings industry, marketing managers are the storytellers. They craft compelling narratives to promote products and services, managing everything from ad campaigns to social media marketing. It’s a job for those with a creative mind and a solid understanding of market trends. The average salary for a marketing manager in the home furnishings industry? A cool $136,850 per year.

marketing manager

3 Largest Home Furnishing Companies in The US

Ashley Furniture Industries

When you’re talking about home furnishings in the U.S., Ashley Furniture Industries is a name that’s hard to miss. Founded in 1945, this Wisconsin-based company has made a name for itself with its vast range of furniture products. With a strong presence in both brick-and-mortar stores and online, Ashley Furniture has made it easy for consumers to shop the way they want. Moreover, they are known for their commitment to quality and affordability, making them a popular choice among many households.

ashley furniture industries


Next up is IKEA. The Swedish giant, despite its European origins, has an impressive footprint in the United States. IKEA’s vision of offering well-designed, functional home furnishings at prices so low that as many people as possible can afford them resonates with American consumers. Their flat-pack furniture is iconic, and their stores are a unique experience in themselves, complete with a food court serving popular Swedish meatballs. With a focus on sustainable practices, IKEA has proven to be a forward-thinking player in the home furnishings market.


Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

Williams-Sonoma, Inc. is a titan in the home furnishings industry. Based in San Francisco, this company operates multiple well-known brands like Pottery Barn, West Elm, and, of course, Williams-Sonoma. Each brand has its own unique style and audience, allowing the company to cater to a wide range of tastes and budgets. Whether you’re shopping for high-quality cookware or chic modern furniture, Williams-Sonoma, Inc. has you covered. They have a strong e-commerce platform, but also maintain a physical presence with stores across the country.

williams sonoma

Is the Home Furnishing Industry Growing?

Curious about the growth of the home furnishing industry? Let’s put it this way – it’s on an upward trajectory. Picture a healthy, robust plant that just keeps on growing. That’s the home furnishing industry for you.

It’s not just sprouting; it’s blossoming. The numbers say it all. The industry’s global market value was around $740 billion in 2020. Fast forward to 2025, and it’s expected to leap over the $1 trillion mark. And it’s not just about the money. The industry is expanding in terms of variety, creativity, and innovation.

is the home furnishings industry growing

Factors like increased disposable income, rapid urbanization, and a booming interest in home improvement and interior design are fueling this growth. The industry is not just keeping pace with the times, but also setting trends.

So, is the home furnishing industry growing? Absolutely! It’s expanding, evolving, and constantly offering fresh, exciting opportunities. It’s a vibrant field that’s showing no signs of slowing down.


Wrapping up our exploration into the world of home furnishings, it’s clear that this industry is a bustling hive of opportunities. From designing stunning interiors to managing product development, there’s a role for every talent and taste.

The home furnishing industry, as we’ve seen, is not just thriving – it’s skyrocketing. With a projected value of over $1 trillion by 2025, this industry is a beacon of growth and innovation. It’s not just about the beautiful and functional spaces it creates, but also about the career paths it paves.

So, to answer the burning question: “How many jobs are available in home furnishings?” – there’s a sea of possibilities. Whether you’re a creative soul, a marketing maven, or a managerial mastermind, there’s a place for you in this flourishing field.

Remember, home is where the heart is, and for many, it’s also where a rewarding career lies. The world of home furnishings is wide open, waiting for you to step in and make your mark. So why wait? Dive in and let your journey in the world of home furnishings begin!