how many jobs are available in transportation

How Many Jobs are Available in Transportation?

No doubt, transportation stands out as one of the most vital sectors of the US economy. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that as of 2021, there were 12,300,000 people employed in the transportation industry. This means that over 7% of the entire US workforce are employed in transportation, but how many jobs are available in transportation?

There are currently 521,000 jobs available in transportation. These jobs comprise of a number of different sectors within the transportation industry, from railroad workers to air traffic controllers. In this article, we will explore the transportation industry and the many different types of jobs that are available.

How Big is the Transportation Industry?

The transportation industry is a massive economic force in the US, worth over $1.26 trillion annually and employing more than 12 million people. It consists of 4.27 million businesses providing services such as marine transportation, air travel, trucking, railroad, logistics, delivery, forwarding, storage and more.

In 2022, the US transportation industry generated a total of $1.36 trillion in economic activity, which rose from $1.26 trillion in 2021. This makes the transportation sector one of the most important and rapidly expanding in the US. With increasing population and consumer demand, it is predicted that the industry will progress at a rate of 7-10% each year over the next decade.

how many jobs are available in transportation

The introduction of new technologies, such as autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars, have had a significant effect on the industry. This could potentially change the way people and cargo are transported in the future. As technology continues to develop, the transportation industry will also need to adjust to meet its customers’ needs and stay competitive.

Is Transportation in High Demand?

The transportation sector is of utmost importance to our current global economy, and its demands are ever-growing due to a rapidly expanding population and numerous commercial activities worldwide. It acts as a bridge connecting people, products, and services, proving its absolute necessity in sustaining our current global economy. As the population and global economy keep growing, so will the requirement for reliable transportation services. This can only mean that there will be plenty of exciting job opportunities in transportation for a long time to come.

Is Transportation a Good Career Path?

The transportation sector is a dynamic and comprehensive field, encompassing a wide range of occupations that necessitate different abilities, qualifications, and experiences. Anyone interested in being involved in transporting goods and people while enjoying an exciting and stimulating work environment should consider it as a viable career choice.

In this industry, there are numerous possibilities for growth and promotion, particularly in the areas of logistics, supply chain management, and transportation technology. All of these are critical for the effective operation of the international economy.

Moreover, many transportation-related roles offer highly competitive salaries, bonuses, and long-term job security. In particular, jobs such as truck driving are recognized as essential services, creating a steady and consistent demand for these roles. Additionally, with the increasing shift towards e-commerce, logistics and supply chain management, positions are in high demand.

is transportation a good career path

There are many potential benefits to a career in transportion. We have listed 4 of these benefits below:

1. Salary:

The wages for transportation worker varies widely according to the role, experience, and academic qualifications needed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics statistics, the mean yearly salary for transport and material moving occupations in the US is $36,860. Certain transportation occupations, like airline pilots, enjoy a considerably greater median annual wage of $134,630, in contrast to the $37,540 of bus and taxi drivers. Salaries may differ depending on the business and locale too. For instance, occupations in transportation within large cities and areas, such as supply chain administration and logistics, usually command a higher salary than in rural areas or within the public transportation industry.

2. Job Security:

Working in the transportation industry is usually secure, with many jobs having greater exceptions to economic fluctuations. Jobs like truck drivers and public transportation operators are essential and, thus, typically have more stability as they are needed for people and goods to be transported. By contrast, airline pilots and cruise ship personnel have more vulnerable positions as their employment depends heavily on economic performance and consumer trends.

3. Never Boring:

Working in the transportation sector is never dull, with its opportunities to collaborate with people from all walks of life, be it customers, colleagues, and even professionals.

Take the example of a pilot who is tasked with the safe running of an aircraft and has to respond swiftly to emergency scenarios. Collaboration with the crew, air traffic controllers, and ground crew is essential for the successful completion of the journey.

Even seemingly tiresome tasks, such as running public transit systems, present plenty of diversity with regard to the different kinds of people you are exposed to every day.

4. See the World:

Those who seek an adventurous job should consider the many occupations in transportation that allow them to explore the world. For instance, pilots, crew members of cruise ships, and long-haul truck drivers may often find themselves in new and exciting places due to their job requirements.

Pilots will likely find themselves regularly visiting new cities and countries, often getting to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, fly over picturesque landscapes, and spend time in airports with lengthy layovers. Similarly, crew members of cruise ships are presented with the chance to spend months traveling to various ports of call while experiencing unique cultures and being paid for it.

Best Paying Jobs in Transportation

Owner Operator Driver:

Owner-operator drivers own and operate their own trucks and are responsible for managing all aspects of the operation, from accounting to maintenance and customer service. They are highly skilled in navigating large and complex routes, as well as ensuring timely delivery. On average, owner-operator drivers make $242,167 a year, depending on the size of their trucks and the type of work they do.

Airline Pilot:

Piloting commercial aircraft is one of the most well-known transportation jobs, and it’s one of the best-paying positions in the industry. Airline pilots that have extensive training and experience can make $202,180 a year.

airline pilot

Marine Engineer:

Marine engineers are responsible for designing and maintaining ships, submarines, and other water vessels. They develop and maintain propulsion systems and engines, as well as other onboard systems such as electrical, refrigeration, and fire suppression. The annual median salary for marine engineers is $93,370.

Railroad Engineer:

Railroad engineers are responsible for operating locomotives and supervising crews that are responsible for maintaining railroads and other related infrastructure. The annual average salary for railroad engineers is $72,940.

railroad engineer

Aircraft Mechanic:

Aircraft mechanics are responsible for inspecting and maintaining aircraft to ensure safe operation. They perform routine maintenance tasks such as lubrication, engine checks, fueling, repairs, and troubleshooting. The average annual wage for aircraft mechanics is $69,280.

Highway Engineer:

Highway engineers are responsible for developing and overseeing highway construction projects, from surveying to designing road layouts. On average, the annual salary for highway engineers is $88,050.

Air traffic Controller:

Air traffic controllers are responsible for ensuring aircraft safety by guiding them safely through the airspace. Air traffic controllers use radar and communication equipment to monitor planes in flight and direct them around any potential hazards or conflicts. The average income for air traffic controllers is $129,750 per year.

air traffic controller

How Many People are Employed in Transportation in the US?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the US transportation sector employs around 12,300,000 people. This represents 7.67% of the entire US workforce, demonstrating that the transportation industry is a massive economic force. Truck drivers, pilots, aircraft mechanics, flight attendants, railroad engineers and dockworkers are just a handful of the roles on offer in the transportation industry. Those involved in freight forwarding, public transportation, delivery services, and other transportation-related activities, make up the various roles within the sector.

3 Largest Transportation Companies in the US

1. United Parcel Service

unite parcel service

United Parcel Service (UPS) is a leading force in the American transportation industry. Its market capitalization is a staggering $158.31 billion, making it one of the most profitable corporations in the world. UPS provides an extensive range of services from air freight to ground transport and from logistics services to international shipping and warehousing, thus enabling businesses to cut their costs and maximize their operations.

Besides offering comprehensive delivery and warehousing solutions, UPS also utilizes cutting-edge technology to make sure that packages arrive on time and with accuracy, thus ensuring customer satisfaction. Its dedication to quality service and advanced tech has earned UPS a reputation as one of the most reliable providers in the American transportation industry.

2. Union Pacific Corporation

union pacific

Union Pacific Corporation is one of the biggest transportation companies in the world and is the largest railroad network in the U.S. It was founded in 1862 and is based in Omaha, Nebraska. Its railway track covers more than 32,000 miles and transports a range of commodities such as grain, chemicals, petroleum, coal and industrial machinery/components. The company also provides intermodal and automotive transportation services and other related services such as locomotive leasing, logistics and supply chain management.

Union Pacific is dedicated to safety and environmental stewardship, with a focus on energy efficiency, operational excellence and reducing emissions. It has invested in cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to reduce its environmental impacts and to cut fuel consumption. It is also investing in renewable energy sources. The company is striving to reduce its operating costs, improve customer service and increase network efficiency. Research and development are also a part of its plans, as it works to develop new technologies and applications that enable more efficient and safe operations. Union Pacific has a long history of providing dependable and safe transportation services and is dedicated to delivering quality service to its customers.

3. CSX Transportation

csx transportation

CSX Transportation is a renowned railroad company in the United States. It runs more than 21,000 miles of railway tracks that go through 23 states and two Canadian provinces. CSX transports various products including coal, auto parts, chemicals, consumer goods, and agricultural products. The railroad has hubs in strategic urban areas along its routes to help move freight to its customers quickly and efficiently. Additionally, CSX provides intermodal transportation services that enable customers to transport their cargo by rail as well as by truck or boat.

CSX has a strong focus on safety and sustainability, investing in technologies and procedures to reduce the environmental effects of its operations. The company is committed to being responsible and minimizing the impact of its activities on the communities it serves. Furthermore, CSX is known for its excellent customer service and has been acknowledged for it. CSX is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of its customers and providing them with creative solutions for their transportation needs.

The Bottom Line

The transportation industry is a hugely important part of the US economy and is an industry that is in high demand. If you are looking for a career in transportation, don’t hesitate, there are many companies ready to provide plenty of opportunities and a good starting point for anyone interested in the field. Overall, a career in transportation can provide job security, good pay, and the potential for career advancement.